Love Boat 2014

Finally  I can share some of my thoughts again with you!!! Saturday morning…2nd favouritist day of the week. Babies still asleep, canine babies lying around me, 2 load of washing done, attended to the pool, a quarter of the garden raked, braai area dust free and a fresh pot of coffee!!!#happiness!!

My silence has been totally involuntary! I have had many discussions with you in my mind and provided you with detailed descriptions of life on the “Love Boat 2014”. I actually kept some sort of diary as the sights were not the kind one keeps to themselves. Especially not me. I have trouble containing my normal thoughts let alone 5 days of ultimate voyeurism…..

So the love boat trip was my gift to myself and the babies. I figured that if I made it through 2013 with not a single stay at a mental health institution, we would need the sun soaked, luxurious get away. I’m a 70s kid and grew up watching the love boat. I’m an over indulger, so being pampered for a week seemed like a plan. My babies have half my genes, so I knew they world appreciate the luxury. But above all I have just successfully survived the first year of single mumness, so I got to decide on the family holiday for the first time! Yay!!! No walking with lions, no crocodile hunting, no cramping in treetops or  relieving oneself in rivers. Just relaxation in the sun and the biggest decision would be what to have for dinner. #heaven!!

The rights to this luxury did however come with the responsibility of being operations manager, driver and feeder. I unwillingly had been promoted from holiday facilitator and bad navigator to captain of the ship. I hate some of my responsibilities at time!! I don’t wanna fix stuff or plan routes, stand in line with the men at the petrol stations whilst handing out wet wipes. Sometimes I still wanna be the sandwich maker, the assistant, the passer of juice and sweets….the homemaker….anyhoo….#letting#go!!!

I drove the 929km to DBN.  I navigated, took one or two wrong turns, laughed with the babies, sang out loud, still handed them juice and sweets and watched them sleep. I had lots of time to think and make peace with being the captain of my ship.

A trip on the love boat is ideally for families or couples. They work well for single parent families. It’s just the people who work there or who go on these trips have difficulty understanding the concept. All tables and activities are geared for four or two people. People have no problems asking “where is your husband?”/ ” will you be waiting for your husband to join you?” In the beginning I tried to explain gracefully that it was “just” the three of us. On day two, I resorted to ” I’m not quite sure he left a while ago…”/ ” I’m afraid it may take a few years before I find a husband, so no you may go ahead and take our order..” The expression on their faces were priceless!!! Sometimes the babies died of horror and other times they laughed with me. I’m used to being one of few  females when travelling for work. But just enjoying the water with your child and still being approached made me feel more vulnerable or exposed. Anyhoo….#moving#on#swiftly…

So after five 12 hour days of lazing, reading, eating and sleeping we are back home. It’s good to be home and we are ready to get back to business. But first I need to stop at the hardware store. Something’s up with pool pump, I need an extension cord for the lawn mower and I’m thinking about getting a chainsaw… Have  a lovely weekend!! Xxx